Gettysburg College has always aspired to provide a truly great education to its students.

Janet Morgan RiggsWe take seriously our obligation to prepare our students for their lives as active participants, successful professionals, and effective leaders in their communities, the nation, and the world. As we continue to fulfill our promise, we must work to ensure that the education we offer meets the needs of today’s students and the demands of tomorrow’s society.

Fulfilling our mission requires significant resources. It is not sufficient to be great in spirit, although that is surely essential. We must also be great in capability, great in programs, great in support. And that is where those who truly care about Gettysburg College can help.

We lag behind our peers in both endowment per student and in annual giving participation. We can and must do better. We must grow our financial base, and we must increase the support we receive every year from the Gettysburg College community. Increased support will strengthen our College and the educational experience we provide to our students. It will allow us to stand securely alongside of the very best liberal arts colleges in the country.

Please join me in support for this campaign—our collective effort to ensure that a Gettysburg College education is forever great.

Janet Morgan Riggs ’77

Campaign Executive Committee

Stephen K. Cloetingh '81 (Chair)

James L. Chemel '71
Bob W. Garthwait, Jr. '82
James N. Heston '70
John R. Jaeger '65
Robert H. Joseph, Jr. '69
Mary Claire (Bonner) Lagno P'12
Janet Morgan Riggs '77, President
Charles T. Scott '77, P'09, P'12

Robert J. Kallin, P'12, Vice President, Development, Alumni and Parent Relations

Campaign Leadership Committee

Peter Arnold P'18
Kent Barnds '92
Lauren Wise Bright '90
James L. Chemel '71
Stephen K. Cloetingh '81  (Chair)
Bob W. Garthwait, Jr. '82
James N. Heston '70
Gregory Islan '70
John R. Jaeger '65
Robert H. Joseph, Jr. '69
Lauren Meehan Keefe  '09
Jean Cleveland Kirchhoff '64, P'86
Mary Claire (Bonner) Lagno P'12
Teresa Lanan '81, P'12
Janet Morgan Riggs '77, President
Brendan Ripp  '99
Lynne A. Royer '83
Richard A. Sadlock '83
Charles T. Scott '77, P'09, P'12
Jean Seibert '69
Peter Seiden '73

Campaign Ambassadors

Rimvydas Baltaduonis, Assistant Professor, Economics Department
Amy B. Dailey, Assistant Professor, Health Sciences Department
Amy Young Evrard, Associate Professor, Anthropology Department
Shelli Frey, Associate Professor, Chemistry Department
J. Matthew Kittelberger, Associate Professor, Biology Department
Dina Lowy, Associate Professor, History Department
Russell McCutcheon, Associate Professor, Sunderman Conservatory of Music
Salma Monani, Associate Professor, Environmental Studies
Jack Ryan, Vice Provost & Dean of Arts and Humanities

Employee Campaign Committee

Margaret Baldwin, Facilities Services
John Campo, Athletics
Regina Campo, Human Resources
Ralph Cavaliere, Professor Emeritus
Erin Duran, LGBTQA Advocacy & Education
Amy Ellicott, Dining Services
Matthew Kittelberger, Biology
Nancy Locher, Dean Emerita
Lisa Portmess, Philosophy
Mary Margaret Stewart, Professor Emerita