Gettysburg students seek ways to participate in community development both domestically and internationally. The CPS Summer Fellowship Experience, established by Jim Heston ’70, enables selected students to take part in funded internships in Gettysburg, Nicaragua, and Kenya. From building solar ovens to devising ways to help elementary pupils communicate with school staff, students team with community members to find solutions and improve the quality of life. Other summer funding available to Gettysburg students includes Projects for Peace and the Mattson Summer Experience Fund, which invite innovative proposals for projects that further peace and social justice.

  • Career-Related Experiences
    • Effective preparation for the future requires exposure to the working world. Internships, externships, and job-shadowing experiences help Gettysburg students learn what they might want to pursue after graduation. With greater funding, more students could participate in career-related experiences and could have them earlier in their undergraduate years, providing perspectives on their academic and career options.