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The field of Classics is by its very nature interdisciplinary, consisting of multiple interrelated sub-disciplines. This department offers study in two ancient languages (Greek; Latin), as well as courses covering the histories, mythologies, several genres of literature, and material cultures of the ancient Mediterranean world.

The oldest department at Gettysburg College, Classics offers:

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Alumni profile: Elizabeth Tee ’94 works abroad

Elizabeth Tee '94Academic focus: Classics major
Location: Bermuda (formerly London, England)
Job: Managing Director of Troncossi Public Relations

At the beginning of her career, Tee moved to London to pursue a career in public relations. She worked at Westminster City Council promoting environmental projects and at Ogilvy & Mather PR in their financial services department. She then moved back to Bermuda, where she grew up, as the first PR Officer at the Bank of Bermuda, and in 2000, she founded Trancossi.

“I think the [Gettysburg College] Honor Code had a profound impact in the way that I run my life and my business today. I aim to live my life and run my company with the utmost integrity. It's a trait that I value greatly and I think that it was ingrained in me at Gettysburg,” Tee said.

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