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Diversity Peer Educators, or DPEs, are a group of students dedicated to facilitating conversations among the student body about various issues of diversity. Students in this program will undergo extensive training that prepares them to facilitate small group discussions on issues such as racism, sexism, homophobia, classism and privilege. Most of the workshops facilitated by Diversity Peer Educators take place within the residence halls and are in collaboration with the residence hall staff.

Mission Statement:
The Diversity Peer Educators are diverse student leaders who contribute to the goal of an inclusive campus community by educating and advocating for issues of diversity and inclusion among their peers by helping to create a learning environment that celebrates diversity.


The Diversity Peer Educators will promote an intellectual co-curricular experience characterized by open communication that deepens understanding of diversity, difference, privilege, and promotes respect for commonalities and differences in historical and cultural contexts, to encourage civic and social responsibility within our campus community.


Primary Goal:
The Diversity Peer Educators will facilitate discussions with their peers about cultural awareness, diversity and inclusion in an effort to create more inclusive campus community.


Commit to helping their peers to gain insights, value diversity, and take actions by:
• Creating additional opportunities to discuss diversity on campus;
• Increasing appreciation of differences;
• Limiting the influence of stereotypes or single stories;
• Understanding the impact that their behaviors have on others;

• Understanding and becoming comfortable with bystander intervention techniques, and;
• Encourage bias incident reporting


Student Learning Outcomes
Students will develop a sense of responsibility to social justice and diversity issues and service to others both in and out of the classroom

  1. Students will have the opportunity to enhance cultural sensitivity and competence through the formal and informal interactions with diverse peers, faculty members, administrators, and staff
  2. Students will gain a better understanding of the cultural challenges that peers may be facing
  3. Students will articulate issues related to diversity in their surroundings through the reflections on one’s own understanding and experience
  4. Students will show greater openness and willingness to engage in respectful communication across social differences


Requirements of Peer Educators

Diversity Peer Educators must be: full-time student, good disciplinary standing, highly self-motivated a strong sense of diversity awareness, and good presentation skills.

Diversity Peer Educators should be able to: Attend training, design and facilitate diversity workshops, games, and activities as requested by College Life, and student organizations, and faculty members.

 DPE Fall 2017 Sitting

 DPE Fall 2017 Sitting

 DPE Fall 2016 Sitting



Advisors: Darrien Davenport (   Gretchen Natter (

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